Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Su-Su indahouse!

SE has been saying 'Papa', 'Mummy' and 'jie-jie' clearly for quite some time. But she didn't know how to refer to herself. Then last week when I asked, who turned on the small light?  She said 'Su... Su..' and then pointed to her tummy. First time for my baby girl, yay!

Since then she's been happily referring to herself as Su-Su. Hmm not quite what we want her to call herself as 'Susu' literally means 'milk' in the Malay language. But hubby calls JE 'Jo-Jo' and calls SE 'Su-Su Ern-Ern' so I guess she naturally picked that up.

Su-Su sit here

Su-Su take Nack
(She loves snacks!)

When she wakes up in the morning and everyone else is still sleeping, she often lies there and recites softly to herself:  Pa-Pa.... fooooo.  Ma-meee.... foooo.  Jie-jie..... fooooo.  Now there's a new category!  Su-su...... fooooo.  Heheh.  (The 'foooo' part changes. It can be another sound like 'jeek', sometimes it's a cluck of her tongue. Yesterday it was 'yeh yeh yeh')

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