Saturday, January 11, 2014

Balloon from a professional

Hubby is pretty good at making balloon sculptures now. I should take more pictures... only have those of creations here and here. But if we encounter a clown making balloons, JE still wants to stand in line for that. Well if the queue isn't too long, why not.

So we waited for this clown one day. When it was her turn, the clown asked her what she wanted. And she replied, SAUSAGE. Even the clown grinned. He was nice enough to make her a flower balloon. Handed it to her and no, she didn't want it. So he made her a sausage instead.

And everyone was happy.

Just what I wanted


  1. Hahaha. Sausage. I can do that too. I dun even need to learn from a book or take lessons for it.

  2. hehe...I can do that too! (probably the ONLY thing I can do)

  3. What a waste of time to queue up for THAT right? Haiyo.