Monday, January 6, 2014

Genting trip - Packing problem

We hadn't been going to Genting for a while now.  Well actually I didn't blog about the last couple of trips but... by our standards, it HAS been a while!

So off we went last weekend as hubby wanted to try his luck at a draw for luxury cars. In my defence for what happens next, hubby confirmed this trip rather late plus I was coming down with fever/flu. First thing I realised when we reached the building, I'd forgotten to pack pants for SE. Plenty of long-sleeved shirts but, nope, no pants at all. 

Oh dear oh dear. SE had on these 'auntie' pants (put on by the maid) that were too short for the weather. Not to mention being thoroughly unfashionable! 

(Dotted shirt is on SE)

O-kay, never mind, I could use JE's pants on her - after all, it's just to keep her warm. A few minutes of scrabbling in the bag revealed... no shirts for JE, nor pants either!

Breathe in breathe out... luckily, I had thrown a pair of denims for JE into the food bag at the last minute. And SE's dotted long-sleeved shirt was rather big and could fit JE.  And yesss, there was a pair of pants for SE in my backpack which is part of my emergency stash. Phew. When you have little, every little bit counts!

Papa showing JE how to work the card. SE being a busybody
(Dotted shirt now on JE)

We say, you don't need clothes to have fun!

Kids being kids, they dirty clothes pretty fast. JE's angry bird pants got wet that night and I washed them. She slept in her denims. Next day, SE got her pants wet as well. OK, angry bird pants were already dry. Ta-dahh...

You don't expect me to go out in these??

Scrapped the idea after the pants fell off her hehe. Turned off the aircon in the room and let her roam about in her diaper while I used the hairdryer on her pants.

What else happened... oh I found no underwear for myself either. Hubby offered me his briefs. I was desperate enough to try... and oh, they fit! Very comfy too! Heh heh.

We got through the weekend and got home. And what did I see lying in the middle of our room floor? A pile of JE's shirts, pants and my underwear. Hubby professed to know nothing about how they got there. Next time, I shall double-check that nothing 'falls' out of the bag!


  1. Hi Stacy! I was wondering if you could answer a question I have about your blog! My name is Heather and my email is Lifesabanquet1(at)gmail(dot)com :-)

  2. Probably JE took it out to play or SE remove it while u r packing. Hahaha.

  3. Cat, hubby carried the bag out of the room with the cover not fully zipped up. I suspect the things fell out then. Coz the pile was quite neat unlike if JE/SE play. Funny none of HIS things fell out hehe.

  4. keke... the last photo of SE and the oversized jeans is so funny.

    Well, at least u are already better than me. (when I forgot the ENTIRE bag). ;-)

  5. Y, the only thing I really forgot were SE's pants. The other things were already nicely IN the bag!!