Friday, January 3, 2014

Fountain play

Happy new year everyone!

I have been rather lax in taking pictures of my girls. The good thing about having a blog is, I need photos to keep it going so once they start running out, I know it's time to take out the camera!

Some pics from one evening. One of their favorite things to do is this:  JE climbs up this pot, pulls some elongated leaves from this plant and passes one or two to SE.

Gotta pull this from here. Erghhhh 

Need the leaf to cook-cook-cook

The girls love messing about with the fountain. They pick flowers from the garden and float them in the water, take stones from the pots and throw them in the fountain, hold these leaves and pretend to be cooking something. Or just hold their hands in the flow of water and get themselves all wet. Certainly didn't plan for this to be a kiddy plaything when building it last time! So now it's more value for money hehe.  I do keep an eye on them, especially on little SE, just in case of mishaps. Can't be too careful with kids around water!

We are cooking something nice for Mummy!

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