Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Plants for CNY

We've been going out to the plant nurseries again. :)  Hubby wanted to get nice plants for CNY and me, I like plants!  The girls... well, one of them is more enthusiastic than the other.

Hello there!

Part of our recent loot:

This flower... yes I like

I do like the look of these tiered lime plants. They didn't have price tags (probably all sold) but I'm sure one would burn a big hole in my pocket!

I'll take this one and that one

Halfway through one trip, JE was complaining she wanted to go home already. To watch TV. Aiyo. This one is following the footsteps of TV addict hubby...

Now THIS is a better way to spend time

I must get her away from the TV more often!


  1. SE looks really happy in the first photo!
    Haven't seen those tiered lime plants b4. But must be super expensive. Even the normal ones can be in the hundreds already.

  2. I like the tiered.. limes (??) plant too! So pretty and vibrant! I always referred to them as mini mandarins hehee

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

  3. Y, they do keep coming up with new things. Quite fun to check it out every year!

    Ai, they look like those regular limes to me, just pumped up! There ARE those which look like mandarins as well but the plants are small. Guess they are still working on how to pump those up!