Monday, January 13, 2014

Lollipop kid

JE goes gaga over lollipops. My lifesaver: mini-Chupa Chups! The size is half the usual and she still gets 'a lollipop'.

Anyway, got her to take a picture with these. This kid shies away the moment I take out the camera. Either she runs off or she will pose very reluctantly - shaking something, sticking out her tongue, looking away... sigh. You'd think she'd have gotten used to mamarazzi by now since I've been constantly taking pictures of her since birth!

My favourite!

Back to the subject of food, she is still super hard to feed. What kid takes two spoons of ice-cream and doesn't want any more? Two sips of Ribena and says she's had enough?  During ONE typical dinner-time these days, she will have to go off once to pee, another time to poo and will complain of stomach ache (necessitating the rubbing of oil on her tummy).  I have a dose of deworming medicine ready for her heh.

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  1. sweet photo.. soon she will be taller than that!! heh..

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka