Friday, January 9, 2015

Disc addict

JE loves to watch TV.  We don't have TV reception or cable TV for now, so what shows on the screen comes completely from discs.  Made two trips recently to this shop.  JE was a happy camper!

We got all these!

Hey, why are we still in the shop?

Come on, let's go home and watch these babies!


  1. she is s like J...when got something liao will wanna fast fast go home and "opening ceremony"

    happy weekend to you

  2. Wow, that bag looks heavy. You must have bought many discs for her. Did she choose the discs herself?

  3. SK, yeah! We were actually heading to 1u after that, which she normally likes. But this time she was torn between that and going home for opening ceremony. :)

    Mun, quite a lot heh. Well she picks some and I vet the choices. I aim to expose her to various characters but let through a few Barbies (not keen on these, always seem to involve princesses and changing of clothes!) and whatnot. Hubby recently picked Boxtrolls which I initially thought wouldn't be good, but turned out to be a fav of the kid.