Thursday, January 22, 2015

Moo-tark! And etc.

SE likes to do this now:

Oh Mummy want to take photo?


That's her doing 'moustache'.  And no, I don't know why!  She is pretty happy doing this.

Other things...

1. Appoh-to-be

As in 'Thih one appoh-to-be here'.  Ohh this one is SUPPOSED TO BE here.

2. Why...

At night she wanted me to wait downstairs for her to brush her teeth. I waited a while, then since she was fussing over this and that, I left her to the maid and went upstairs with JE.  When SE was done, she came upstairs.  And queried me with her fierce face:

SE: Why you waiting for me, then, you NOT waiting for me?

And another night, same scenario, same fierce face, slightly different words...

SE: Why you want to wait for me, then, you DON'T WANT to wait for me? 



  1. Wah, this SE, very fierce oh!! Mommy understands her best. :) I read the title moo-tark and wonder what it means. Now I know - moustache.

  2. LOL...i thought what was that...she so cute

  3. Mun and SK, haha my mum called my maid over to ask what 'Moo-tark!' meant!

  4. My girl gets sooo angry some days when she realises she gets left behind or we're not waiting for her too!

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka