Thursday, January 29, 2015


So JE has been going to kindy for about 3 weeks now. She gets some homework everyday, which is good as we can keep track of what's happening on the school front. She has her 'study time' in the afternoons at my parents' place. I'm glad of that, as I think I'd go crazy if I sat with her every day! This is what happens...

Me: OK! Your homework is to read this page. Now, B-A Ba, B-I Bi, B-U Bu (Ba Bi Bu)
JE: B-A Ba, B-I Bi, B-U Bu
Me: Good. Now read the next line? (Which is Bi Ba Bu)
JE: Errr.  Errrr. B-I?
Me: B-I spells what?
JE: Errr Errr.... *lapses into long silence
Me: B-I is 'Bi'
JE: B-I Bi
Me: OK. Next one is what? B-A?
JE: Errr.  Errrr.  Errrrrrrrr.
Me: B-A is Ba
JE: B-A Ba
Me: OK. Next one is what? B-U?
JE: Errr.  Errrr.  Errrrrrrrr.
Me:  GNGNGNNnnngngnnnnnn

Another day....
Me: OK! Your homework is to write this... 'co'
JE: *writes a 'C' followed by a tiny 'o'. HAhahaaaaaa so tiny-tineee!
Me:  Ya sooo tiny hor! OK I will erase that and you write again
JE: *fiddles with her pencil*
Me: OK don't play with the pencil. Write properly.
JE: *draws a chicken instead*
Me:  Very funny. Let me erase that and you write 'co' ok?
JE: *draws a smaller chicken*
Me:  GNGNGNNnnngngnnnnnn

Stand here in case Mummy wants me to do homework. Brrr


  1. At least she is willing to do homework and not throw a tantrum or tear her books. Can consider a very good girl already.

  2. Slow and steady! Our girl's kindy doesn't give them any homework or spelling list. Part of me is happy, part of me is wondering if it's ok since she's going P1 next year and I don't want her to have a sudden culture shock!

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

  3. wakakakaka......funny ... Good la. She can do homework .

  4. Mun, I wish she'd DO homework and not giggle and squirm and whatnot!

    Ai, quite happy with this kindy so far. Homework is only 1-3 pages so it's a good intro.

    SK, I pull my hair if have to do this every day!