Wednesday, February 4, 2015


Another thing I'm not in too much hurry to correct! SE currently uses 'me' to refer to herself. Sometimes it's right:

Who wants to eat ice-cream?
SE: Me!
Who made the floor so messy?
SE: Not me

You wan me move?

Sometimes it's not right:
SE: Can me pay ipad?
SE: Shall me go up-tair?
SE: Can me eat thih?

Can me go ay-yi (already)?

JE did her big business last week and called for kakak to wash her. Somehow SE reached the toilet first.

JE: Kakak!
JE: Finish ugh-ugh!
SE: Jo-jo, me cannot wash! Me cannot wash ok?
JE: Kakaaaakk!
SE: Me cannot ok? Me cannot Jojo.

Hehe dunno where she got it into her little head that she's expected to wash bum-bum for JE!


  1. haha she's so cute. Maybe JE helps her to wash, so she thinks she must return the favour too?

    Lil Pumpkin says "I was" or "I is" sometimes. Have to correct her on that but it sounds so cute when she does too :P

  2. Stacy, your two girls are so cute. I really enjoy reading your post.

  3. Hahaha, SE is so cute. She is smart, she knows how to say Not Me! at the right time. :)

  4. Ai, this small one thinks like an adult sometimes!

    Nancy, tq tq.

    Mun, heh oh yeah she knows how to 'not me' her way around.

    SK, haha don't want her head to kembang!