Thursday, February 12, 2015

Dancing with bubbles

We were watching Big Hero 6 last weekend.  Halfway through, I thought they'd had enough screen time already, so asked JE to turn off the TV and said we were going out to blow bubbles.  Cries of "But whyyyy??" ensued.  And cries of " I DON'T want to blow bubbles!" and "I want to watch TV!!!" And then bawl-type cries accompanied by flopping onto the sofa and refusing to budge.

SE was happy with the idea of bubbles and we went outside.  Eventually JE came out as well (she knows already Mummy would not give in, not like Papa hehe).  And declared she was going to dance with the bubbles.



Woo hoo!


We went to the playground after that.  The girls didn't want to leave.  Next time I should take them outside even earlier. :)


  1. bubbles make any kid happy!!

    I think my girl watched Big Hero 6 like.. 6-7 times already hahaha. Dunno why she has to watch it over and over again.

  2. Great pictures of your girls playing bubbles. They are happy, enjoying themselves.

  3. Ai, JE watched only once! She said the villain was the kabuki face mask was 'too scary'.

    Nancy, yeah I don't want them glued to the TV/iPad all the time. Even though that's actually easiest for me! These bubbles, I had to blow them, put down bubble stick, grab camera to snap, pick up stick, blow some more, repeat. :) The other hand holding the bubble container of course.

  4. Good that you managed to capture plenty of photos of them happily playing with bubbles. Can JE blow the bubbles instead of you so that you can concentrate on taking photos?