Monday, February 9, 2015

The 'P's

JE likes...

1. Pink. (Second choices being purple, red, orange)
2. Pretty party dresses
3. Princesses

And also

4. Hairclips and other accessories

Looks like I have a girly girl on my hands. (But guess that can always change?)

Gimme my P's and I'll be happy!


  1. JE is a very sweet and pretty girl, so lovable. She will grow up to be a beautiful lady.

  2. I don't think JE will change. She will be mommy's pretty pink princess forever!

  3. Nancy, thanks for your kind comment.

    Mun, haha then who will fix my stuff? I wan train her to be a handy(wo)man!

    SK, to evil mom, princesses are not very useful hehehe,

  4. she will be very good friends with Lil Pumpkin. Same interests!