Monday, November 6, 2017

First gymrama competition

It's the very first competition for the girls!  It's not compulsory for this simplest grade, but it does seem a key component of learning.  After all, what's the point of just doing the exercises without knowing how good you are at them.

Jane was a godsend.  First she did the hair (I'm quite amazed she is this good)...

Do nice hair

The smaller one is more of a challenge.  She was done first, after which she undid everything.  And fluttered around pretending to be a bumblebee while JE was being done up.  Finally got it done...

Want drink honey water, Papa

When we got to the hall, found that getting people to help with make-up would cost RM25 each.  Rather steep actually.  Since I'd already asked the person, decided to pay that for JE.

Do nice make-up

Decided that SE doesn't need paid help hehe.  She doesn't take gymrama at all seriously, she would be wearing glasses (later only I found out that all gymnasts remove eyeglasses during performance), and Jane does a decent job.  Only thing is we don't have the materials for the perfect job.

Do make-up on the cheap

All ready!



I'd have rated it VERY nerve-wracking to face a panel of judges like that!  So I think this whole gymrama thing is great from the point of having the girls do just that, and perform.

Watch me do my thing

All done!

All ready to start

The girls didn't win, but there were medals for all.  SE got second last in her junior group.  JE was near the bottom of her group, but it was about in the top third overall so that's not too bad.

Medals for all

Most importantly, they enjoyed themselves. And got to wear really nice clothes and make-up.  :)


  1. Wah! Your girls are so brave to perform solo before the panel of judges! Bravo to both of them! What a great experience for them.

    1. Technically they do the routine together with another girl, but essentially it's a solo and they are judged individually.

  2. well done to both SE and JE! Did you video capture their performance?

  3. Good exposure and experience for both!!