Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Genting one more time

We were in Genting again for the first trip of the year-end school holidays, the kids asked for it.

Well why not... the weather is cool and it's not far away.  The cartoons run 24 hours...

Now to find the cartoon channel

Food choices are never-ending and just a walk away...

Like my cute plate set?

Going to get nice dimsum!

Christmas deco is mostly already up.  Cute theme this time with Snoopy.

It's a Snoopy Xmas

There were Snoopy's all over.  But couldn't really take decent photos as they were all lit from the bottom.  SE brought along the toy squirrel hubby looked all over Europe for.

Squee my pet squirrel is on Snoopy!

Someone didn't feel like posing for photos...

No want take photo. Want hide behind Papa

We were there 2 nights, seemed pretty long.  But it was a relaxing break for sure.  The kids played in the bathtub every single day, ate junk food.and vegetated like this throughout:

Ahhh. Car-toooons


  1. JE is so shy not to want to take photos. children relaxing in room watching cartoons so mommy can go try her luck to get a windfall?

    1. Can't leave them alone or they will get into mischief. Anyway I don't have much luck in gambling!

  2. Genting is the best place for kids and parents. I love Snoopy and it is still my favourite cartoon character!

    1. Yeah agree that Snoopy is a nice character! Compared to, say, that cat without a mouth hehe.

  3. Replies
    1. I always like a "cute" twist to the traditional theme. :)