Thursday, December 7, 2017

Ipoh trip 2017

Second trip of the holidays.... Ipoh!  We just went back to the previous place since we liked it.  But there was a cheaper unit so why not heh.

Look what I found, owls!

The kids enjoyed the facilities, as before.

Me on the zip-line!

Love the pool!

Love the sand!

The weather was hot when we were there.  We went to the caves, fed turtles...

Which turtle to feed next...

I'll feed the small cute ones!

Turtles galore

Fed the fish...  JE threw in the food ONE pellet at a time.  SE on the other hand, threw by fistfuls and yelled "Party!" at the fish.  Hehe.

I only have nice pictures of JE from my comfy seat in the shade.  It was too hot and I didn't want to follow SE as she walked round the pond.

I will make this packet of food last forever!

Next post will be on food.


  1. Yes I agree to stay at the same place if like it. Very nice photos of both SE and JE. Good to see both of them enjoying themselves.

    1. So many factors to consider while choosing a place on Airbnb. Easier to find something we like and just stick to it.

  2. Looks like a wonderful holiday for the kids!

    1. After some lessons learnt the previous holidays, had to make myself go OUT instead of bumming around with the iPad!

  3. Replies
    1. Now you have encouraged me... added one more pic of turtles hehehe.