Friday, December 22, 2017

Camerons trip 2017 - Days 1 and 2

It has been 1.5 years since our last trip so here we are again!  First up was the waterfalls.

Greetings from Cameron Highlands!

I am the queen of the world!

We were here over an hour and the girls still weren't ready to leave haha. 

This trip we stayed at an Airbnb in Golden Hills.  This area is relatively new so everything is still nice.  Good thing was, the night market has moved here so it was just a short walk there.  We bought our dinner from various stalls.  Hmm overall food didn't taste great.  Snacks were fine - sweet potato balls, strawberries in chocolate, piping-hot corn.

Bad thing about this trip was the traffic and the crowds.  We were only 6km from Kea Farm, but Waze showed a 1-hour journey.  What to do.. since we couldn't go uphill, we went downhill instead.  First up was Cameron Valley Tea. (Hubby: What's there to see?  Tea only what!  Me: Grrr people come here TO SEE TEA)

Tea, tea and more tea

The kids didn't like the steep paths either.  Oh well.  Everyone perked up when we had food.  The red velvet cake was nice and fresh.  Tea wasn't hot at all.

Chocolate cake for me! You eat the other cake first

Continued on downhill to this place which turned out to be called 'Skyfarm'.  It had the plants and cactus that I wanted, other souvenirs and pick-your-own strawberries!  Which we didn't realise at first as it was built above the main area.  I read that another place charges RM30 a person with 500g of strawberries.  This place charged RM2 a person for entry, with picked strawberries extra at RM50 a kg.  A much better deal for us since we're interested in the experience rather than the fruit.

Now where are the good berries?

Come here, little strawberry!

Cheeky SE was cutting leaves as well fruit.

Hehehe cut cut cut

I limited each girl to 10 strawberries each.  These came up to under 300g.  Besides being way more expensive than those purchased directly, these were SOUR.  Luckily we didn't have much!

We spent quite some time at the place.  Then adjourned back for iPad time hehe.  Dinner was steamboat at De V Garden - better than pasar malam food! 


  1. We have thought of Cameron but not during the school and public holidays. We have learned that only the deep dark red strawberries will be sweet, not the light colour. Sounds like a wonderful holiday for your family!

    1. Traffic conditions were horrendous... definitely avoid holidays if you can!

      Heh well for the experience it was all right. Didn't find any deep dark ones on the plants.

  2. Lovely family photos! Everyone is so smiley and happy! Good that SE and JE enjoy this trip especially the waterfall and strawberries picking experience. Traffic in KL malls also quite bad during holiday seasons so better to be in CH to have a different experience.

    1. Traffic in CH is much worse since there is basically on ONE road up and down!

  3. They look so big here! Merry Christmas and a blessed New Year!

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka