Friday, December 22, 2017

Camerons trip 2017 - Part 2

(Part 2 being basically days 3 and 4 plus some pics from the previous days)

Day3... Waze still showed a 1-hour journey to Kea Farm.  Sigh.  Traffic was all right around 10am, but the girls were up till late, woke up late and only finished breakfast around 11am.  Even if we endured the long journey up, there wouldn't be parking space.  So we just ducked back into iPad time.

We did venture out eventually.  The girls were excited with this sand art place beside our lunch restaurant.  This is considered value-for-money considering how much time it took to finish!  After quite some time, only these few patches were done haha.

Do you like my sun?

Went to Kea Farm and Bee Farm later in the evening.  Some enterprising people set up this ride place.  Anyone who wants to know how long money lasts, try spending here.  RM5.30 or 6.40 per ride, times two for 2 kids... nope, not long at all.

This ride had some 'drifting', quite fun

They also liked this turning, twisting thing:


At night, cotton candy!

Ahmmm ahrrmm

Let's dig in!

Haha notice the cotton candy in the next pics is now purple.  Yep, it's another one on the next day.  That's the thing staying next to the pasar malam, you could walk over and get things easily.


Ahmm ahmmm

 We had Jin Jin steamboat again... hmm this time found the food bland.

Take picture with Mummy

There were a couple of other places that I was expecting to visit, but just couldn't because of the traffic jams.  This trip would have been a lot better without the crowds.

We stopped at the waterfall again on the way home.  SE asked, "why not we turn back to our apartment?  We don't go home yet".  Haha so she did enjoy the trip.  And that's the whole point, really.

We like this place!


  1. Despite the crowd I think it is worth going on holidays like this with the whole family. It creates so much happy memories for SE and JE.

  2. We also like Cameron but not the crowd & traffic jam! The cotton candies are really big ones!

    1. Now that the girls are schooling, will be tough to avoid peak times. Will leave Camerons out of the holiday list for a while.

  3. Those amusement rides look fun! Sounds like a nice day! The Cotton Candy photos are adorable, too!

  4. Happy New Year to you and your family!