Tuesday, January 9, 2018

G2G Petting zoo

My colleague told me about this place, so off we went.  Tickets were at an "intro price" of RM15 adults and RM10 kids.  So what's inside...


Bought some food to feed the animals.  The goats were VERY interested in it.  Hehe poor SE.

Arrrhh! Shoo!

Shoo! Arrhhh aaaAA!!! SHOOO!!!!

Luckily the next animals were less scary.

How are you today, little bunnies?

Let me feed you...

Come get your milk

JE was a scaredy cat and bunnies had to be HELD for her to pet...

Pet pet

She didn't want to hold a bird either.

Want hold the pretty birdy? NO! 

This place is really small, actually.  Not worth the trip at all.  Having said that, we did spend 3-4 hours there in total!  There was an ice-cream making activity - was fun enough for the kids.

Ice-cream making
(SE didn't understand the instructions given in Malay)

Food at the cafe was surprisingly good - had grilled lamb, oxtail soup, nasi lemak, some drinks.

Me, me next

The pony ride was RM5 a round...

Me and my pony!

No, I don't want to get down yet!

More bunnies!

That was literally it.  We won't be back, but it was a decent day out.


  1. I take it that SE and JE enjoyed their time at the petting zoo then I would say it is worth it even though the place is small. Are there bigger petting zoo around the Klang Valley?

    1. "Farm in the city" comes to mind. :) There are lots more things inside. But ticket prices keep going up.

  2. Looks like the girls enjoyed the feeding and mingling with the animals. Ice cream making will be fun and enjoyable if the kids get to eat the ice cream at the end of it. Maybe the organizer can come up with more children's activities to attract return trips.

    1. This place needs WAY more attractions to justify charging the admission fee. Yeah, more activities would help cover the gap.