Monday, January 15, 2018

Somebody's a prefect!

JE told me sometime near the end of the last school year that she will be a 'xue zhang' the next year.  Well, from the previous year, it seems the norm for the kids to take on these 'leader' roles.  There are 'pan zhang' - class monitor, 'fu pan zhang' - assistant class monitor, 'zhu zhang' - group leader, 'fu zhu zhang' - assistant group leader.  The group leaders are by subject and they rotate.  I guess each kid gets the chance to be some kind of leader in each year.

Now to me as a 'banana' parent (not knowing Chinese), I thought I should find out what kind of leader a 'xue zhang' is.  But kept forgetting to ask.

It was only a couple weeks back that I finally found out a 'xue zhang' is a PREFECT!  Haha.

Gosh... I do hope JE will be up to it.  Her Mandarin still isn't too good, her temperament is more on the timid side, and I'm concerned the extra duties will cut into her schooling time. (Also eating time hehe... she eats so slowly that she can't always finish her recess food!)

Oh well, however it happened, my little JE is a prefect!  She gets to wear a tie from now (assuming she passes the probation period).

Me in my new tie!

Which she is rather happy about hehe. She was wearing it the night before...



  1. Congrats! The teacher must have chosen her because she is a responsible girl.

    1. This one maybe, hehe. She is the conscientious type.

  2. Oh wow congrats!! She must be so proud and happy :) I was a prefect from P3 to S3 too hehehe...

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

  3. Congrats! Good thing to let them start from young. Wearing a tie feel so special.