Thursday, January 3, 2013

Genting trip 16 - rocky

What a rocky start to 2013!

Hubby had tickets to the countdown party, which of course I had to skip because of the kids. I was fine with that. What I didn't bargain for was getting food poisoning. My stomach started roiling the night of 31st Dec and I spent most of 1st Jan purging and vomiting. But we were already in Genting so I insisted that hubby take Jo Ern on the theme park rides. I trudged along, occasionally ducking into toilets, collapsing green-faced onto benches, vomiting into a plastic bag. When I told my colleagues the story, one of them laughed and said "kasih ibu" (mother's love). Hehe true indeed, what else would have stopped me from curling up in bed, with easy access to the toilet instead of struggling not to pass out/soil my pants/vomit in the theme park?!

JE had a good time in the theme park, which made it worthwhile for me. But she vomited on the drive back to KL and then twice more at home. So the night of 1 Jan both of us had crackers (with some meat floss) for dinner. She liked it though!

SE started vomiting 2 Jan. Today 3 Jan, she seems better.

Hope the rest of 2013 will be better for us!

Hardly any pictures taken due to lack-of-health heh.

SE: Ahmm my jie-jie
JE: Chu Ern is eating me!!


  1. OH dear oh dear...what a way to start the year. Just take it as it could have happened any random day and so happened it was new year. Hope you are feeling better by now...must be really dehydrating loosing fluid up and down...

  2. Good to hear JE is better...

  3. Nice photo of SE "ahmm-ming" JE :)

    n luckily didn't lau sai in theme park. ke ke.

  4. Leona, ya hor, up and down indeed!

    Y, well I did leave vomit there coz my plastic bag was leaking. Heh.