Thursday, January 10, 2013

Goodbye 2012

Before 2012 gets too old, I'd better get this post up. :) 2012 was rather a roller-coaster ride for me. The highlights and lowlights:

1. Little Su Ern was born! My second, and final (sniff), cutie-pie.

2. Jo Ern has grown nicely. She is talking a lot, although she still cannot pronounce her 'S's. She can go to the toilet by herself now, yay! She only wears a diaper at night.

3. My hands were completely full managing work, baby, toddler and household. My aim is just to keep everything together. Personal growth is taking a back seat, though I do try not to look TOO unpresentable. :)

4. Things weren't great on the marriage front. Hubby closed down his ailing business. He had time on his hands and was raring to party/travel/have fun. While I absolutely couldn't go anywhere. Hubby felt tied down and became really grouchy. I couldn't talk to him without him snapping at me. We're better now, but we still have differing goals. Hopefully after our girls grow up a little, our family life would become smoother.

5. My maid Lina left on 1 Sept after 2 years, Annie came a few days later and left after 3 months, Reymelda came 3 weeks later and we're sending her back after 2 weeks. Argggh I really need a decent maid!

I just skimmed through my blog and realised I didn't go overseas at all in 2012. Big change from my previous jet-setting lifestyle before kids. Ah well, maybe another year and I can travel again with both girls. In the meantime, there's always Genting, heh.

This is Mummy's doughnut. But I wanna eat ALL of it

Next time I also want doughnut!


  1. You certainly accomplished a lot during the past year, Stacy! Juggling so many obstacles a long the way...
    Eventho we had one brief meeting more than a year ago, I can see that u r one truly devoted mom. And it's evident thru ur blog too. Cheers!

  2. Leona, thanks! Your words of encouragement mean a lot to me.