Monday, January 21, 2013

Genting trip 17

We up to Genting last weekend (again! hehe).  Su Ern was happy...

This one is Spanish dance

Jo Ern was happy...

Playing in the bathtub is sooo fun!

Actually we were there for a pre-CNY 'poon choi' dinner.  Some of the goodies present in the basin of food were abalone, razor clam, fish maw, scallop, dried oysters, mushrooms and other stuff that I can't identify.  Unlike hubby's family, mine has never been big on expensive ingredients and I basically still value cooking style/skill more than the cost of the ingredients.

Poon choi at Imperial Rama

The next day, it was the theme park again.  JE went on the flying elephant ride FIVE times in a row... I'm just glad it was hubby who took her and not me!

Happy girl on the carousel

Unlike the previous trip, this trip was a good one. :)

One notable snippet... I was pouring hot water to heat up SE's baby food. A few drops splashed on my hand and I said 'Oh Shit!'. JE immediately asked, 'Why Mummy chay OH CHEET like that??' Looks like I have to start watching what I say!


  1. yup.. definitely have to watch what we say. just last nite i said boobs (cause ham sap jensen was touching my boobs) and justin ask what is "boost". lucky he heard wrongly... kids, they are copy-cat and they question what we say.

  2. I like the Spanish dance photo. So cute!

    And lauging at both the "Shit" and "boobs" comments. he he.

  3. your poon choi looks so good! the ingredients sound very expensive ;p been seeing so many ads on them now I can't wait to bite into one! thinking whether I should make our own this year.. but so troublesome I think.

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

  4. Su Ern is looking cuter and cuter and also more like big sis:) i have had to curtail my "shit" words too. Keira started saying shit, and now she is saying, "Oh My God!"

  5. Cat, hehe 'hamsap' Jensen is cute. JE doesn't have any obsession with boobs - she pointed before once and just said 'this one for Chu Ern nen-nen'.

    Ai, actually I'm thinking poon choi can't be THAT hard to make!

    MC, gotta be a role model for the kids now aiyo.

  6. Where's the castanets? Your little Spanish dancer needs one! She totally looks in the mood for some serious dancing.

  7. Juana, heh castanets would be perfect!