Thursday, November 12, 2015

Grown-up playthings

Following on my previous post. Those toys were what *I* selected and bought, what *I* thought would be good for them and with repeated playability value.  What do they *ask* for?  Led by JE with little copycat SE...

JE:  Next time, could you buy me lipstick?
SE:  Nek taime, could. you. buy me. lip-teek?
JE:  Could you buy me nail polish?
SE:  Could. you. buy me. nail po-leek?

JE:  Could you buy me toe polish? 
SE:  Could. you. buy me. toe po-leek?
JE:  Could you buy me eye polish?
SE:  Could. you. buy me. eye po-leek?
(Because it's 'nail polish', JE thinks you need 'toe polish' to paint toe-nails and 'eye polish' for your eyelids!)

My standard answer would be, only when you are twenty years old.  Hahaha. It's funny - I hardly apply make-up and even then it's only lipstick for work.  And yet these are dream items for my 5yo.

Kids messing around with display items, while waiting for hubby:

Put lipstick

Put eye-shadow

Another item JE frequently asks for...
JE:  Could you buy me high heels?

No no no haha...


  1. Hahaha, I did not expect this. During school concert, JE will have lots of opportunities to put on lipsticks, eye shadows and full makeup!

  2. all such girly girls! they will get along very well with Lil Pumpkin :)

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

  3. hahaha! Really like that put lipstick pics. Gaya betul..........

  4. Mun, yeah she got the full works for the concert. :)

    Ai, funny coz I am NOT a girly girl!

    Magictree, haha ya hor.

    SK, must have learnt from watching ipad haizzz.