Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Whose new toy

Having kids means you have to be prepared to share. Like hubby bought this thing to roll on his shoulder last weekend...

Roll roll roll

Before very long...

Papa, I want

Roll on tummy... nice

I like this thing!

 Hubby had to pry it from her to continue rolling.  But before very long..

Papa! I want! Papa! 

After a few rounds, hubby gave up.  Toy has changed ownership. :)

Sit here with my new toy


  1. Haha time for daddy to get a new shoulder roller thingy :P Should try to coax her to rub for you and hubby too!

  2. Ha ha...must play a game with her. Get her to roll for papa. Because its something new, she also wants. After some time she won't be interested any more.

  3. kids can turn everything into toys..that's why we have to keep things locked and high..haaaa..

  4. I feel like I also want to try, haha!!!!!

  5. SK, what to do haha.

    Ai, yeah must do that next.

    Nancy, true that. But must try getting her to do the rolling!

    Agnes, the high places in my house are all full of stuff, supposedly to keep them away from the kids. Then they bring out the high chairs to climb to reach... *give up*

    Magictree haha... only RM5.30 from Daiso!

  6. SE is so cute to use it to roll her tummy. I think tummy would feel good if use this to roll on it after eating a full meal and feeling very full. :)

  7. Mun, I think it was just the easiest place to reach to roll haha.