Monday, November 9, 2015


The kiddos don't read yet.  Also I want to limit their screen (iPad/TV) time.  They do role-play and chase each other around, but there is still a need to get them alternative things to DO.  Barbie dolls... JE doesn't bother with them and SE mostly just messes up their hair or loses their stuff.  :)  These are some more successful recent ones:

1. Chalkboard with magnetic board on the other side.  They play on this quite a bit.

Like my drawing?

2.  Kinetic sand!  Got the non-original type which is more flexible in term of quantity to buy.  The colours green and pink have now merged into some kind of brown, which is what I wanted in the first place anyway hehe.  Love this container as I can just close the lid and store as-is when they're done playing.

We're making lots of things!

3. Playdough.  My beef with these is, the colours of playdough merge together too quickly.  It's not much fun to play with only one colour at a time of course.  So we now own a LARGE blob of dark grey.  Plus a few unopened tubs of various colours.

I don't mix colours together. But Su Ern does

4. Lego. This is more for JE at the moment.  SE just grabs pieces and fixes them any old how. Then gets angry if you remove or reposition them.

What's the next step...

5. Tent. This one gets played with a lot. I do like this particular one as the sides are clear mesh so I can keep track of the little one playing inside.

And this is our pink rabbit tent

But the best one is actually not here hehe.  Don't have pictures of that yet.


  1. Good to see that they are now playing with the things you have bought for them. Can't wait to see what is the best one.

  2. Ya i wish they can invent a playdoh that colors doesnt merge.

  3. My daughters played those stuff quite a bit last time and I was the one who helped to collect the toys after they made the mess. Now they are more into reading books, watch VCDs and play games on computer.

  4. I'm very tempted to get the Kinetic sand too I'm scared the tiny bits will get all over the place.. how many boxes did you buy to make it fun enough to build and play with? Like one box doesn't seem like much or enough! haha

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

  5. Mun, need to get ready camera next time.

    SK, so annoying kan?

    Agnes, I'm lucky to have a maid to pick up their stuff!

    Ai, there's 2.5kg there. I'd wanted more but the seller assured me that was enough. But I think another 2kg would be better. Especially since there's 'loss' after each play session. SE especially would have sand all over her and the floor.