Thursday, February 25, 2016

Accidental selfie

On a similar topic as my previous post.  The small one isn't allowed to hold the camera by herself. True to form, she doesn't let restrictions set by other people to hold her back (In other words, she does whatever she wants haha).  So I found a few photos of my handbag on the floor.  I knew it was SE as she'd been pulling my bag to the floor lately and rifling through it.  Also JE was with me around the time of the crime.

The photos of my bag were followed by this picture of part of the bag... together with part of a little fat foot:

Now whose foot is that?

Me: Who was playing with Mummy's handbag just now? (Kiddos have been warned not to as I don't want important stuff to go missing)
SE:  Erm, dunno
Me:  Ha, I see there's one photo here with somebody's foot.  Now... whose foot looks like this?
SE:  I think, Jo-jo

So I made a show of checking the photo against our respective feet.  My foot?  No, too big. JE's?  No, too big. SE's? Ah-hah!

Me: Heyy!  I think this is Su Ern's foot!  Su Ern, did you play with Mummy's handbag?  How come there's a picture of your foot next to my bag??

After a few moments of trying to evade, she came up with a master stroke.

SE:  Jo-jo took the picture.

After thinking a while, I realised her testimony was brilliant.  It threw doubt on the case, there was really no absolute proof of the criminal's identity.  Case closed for lack of evidence. Suspect walks off scot-free.

OK thanks, bye