Tuesday, March 1, 2016


JE used to bring a picture to kindy every day to colour.  I viewed it as her security blanket - something familiar to do instead of not knowing what to do or who to talk to maybe?  Luckily she didn't need it after a while. The girls still like colouring.  And after JE learned to write some basic words, I now have a fridge that looks like this:

All my hard work

The colouring pages have written phrases 'I love Mummy' and 'I love Papa'.  Yay!

Oh, actually we have two fridges. The old one leaked so we bought a bigger one.  The old one wasn't disposed of yet since it wasn't leaking ALL the time.  We thought we'd keep it until CNY to store extra food needed.  Err... that was a couple of years back.  And now we can't dispose of it as it's full! That's right, BOTH fridges are full.

Oh wait here are more


  1. JE uses a variety of colours for her drawings and colouring. Very pretty!

  2. She learns the right words to write. Clever girl...melt mummy and daddy's heart. Nice handwriting too. I used to keep my children's colouring in a folder (those with transparent slots), my fridge is filled with recipes instead.

  3. Mun, they ask me what my favourite colour is and I always say I like a lot of colours. So they put in a lot too. :)

    Magictree, JE clears off the older pictures for new ones. Good coz I didn't want to throw them!