Thursday, March 3, 2016

More colouring

SE likes colouring, but she will dump out the whole box of colour pencils on the floor first.  And will snatch the one JE is using if she feels like it.  Sigh.  This one does exactly what she wants, and most of the time I don't have the patience or energy to change her course!

She was busy colouring last week...

Colour colour

Asked what she was doing, she said she was making a picture for kakak.  "Be-coh, I want Kakak to love me".  Hmmm...

I am making a picture for kakak

The next day, when she was acting up and our maid chastised her, she said "But I made a picture for you!"  Hmm so she sees this as a tool towards getting her own way?

This one she made for me, getting JE to do the writing:

I love my mummy!

Now what do I want from mummy...

Guess after that I cannot scold her... haha.


  1. Ha ha! SE is a very smart girl!

  2. Good that SE loves colouring too and she is smart to use it as a bribe, hehehe.

  3. aww very sweet girl.. your two little princesses are looking more and more alike!! but in different sizes haha

  4. Nancy, this girl has her own way of thinking haha.

    Mun, never heard of anyone else doing this!

    Ai, thanks! Well they both have overgrown hair now so same hairstyle.