Wednesday, March 30, 2016

What time you wake up

Must put this into my blog as the phase is in reality already over!  Hubby works nights and we would call him before we go to sleep.  And every night the call would be pretty long.  Because...

SE: Hello pa-paaaa
Hubby:  Hello girl-girl
SE: What time you wake up?
Hubby: Ten o'clock (not the real answer but just to answer the question)
SE: What time Mummy wake up?
Hubby: Seven o'clock

(You get an inkling now why the call would be long!  The questioning would go on to kakak, JE, even some of our soft toys )

SE: What time Doggy wake up?
Hubby: (getting tired) Where is Jo-Jo?  Go and call Jo-Jo
SE: What time Doggy  wake up?
Hubby: (getting tired) Where is Jo-Jo? 

Hehe there is no distracting this little girl!  And so hubby would need to answer all her questions until they're done.

The other day my maid was calling home to Phillippines using my phone. SE came along and wanted to talk too.


What time you wake up?

Haha this I had to end quickly.  I *really* don't want to pay overseas call rates for non-stop "What time you wake up" questions!


  1. haha she's so cute.. don't know why phone calls and messages are so interesting to kids! Lil Pumpkin can chat forever on the phone too :P

  2. kids are so cute and worries free..

  3. Who taught her the "what time you wake up" question? :D

    The father has lots of patience to answer all her wake up questions, hehehehe.

    Wake up questions to overseas are a big No, No, No. :)

  4. I wake up at 5:10 am . SE, what time you wake up? So cute!

  5. Aww this conversation is so cute, you have a very charming daughter!

  6. so cute!!!

  7. Thanks all!

    Ai, must be the novelty of using the device! Like it's more fun discussing office lunch plans over email than in person. Of course, that also has the effect that we also look busy to the boss hehe.

    Mun, hmm no idea where the question came from! It's been there for so long now haha.

    Magictree, hahah SE will love you!

    SK, me too, well 6.50am to be exact. :)