Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Ostrich farm PD

Since we were in PD for 3 days, looked for somewhere to go. That's how we ended up at the Ostrich Farm.  It was quite fun actually.  RM15 entrance for adults, RM10 for kids and you can buy food to feed the animals.

We can pet this ostrich

And feed this goat

This goat wasn't in an enclosure:

This goat also can feed

Most of the animals could be fed from this RM3 bag of mixed grains and corn - value for money, really!

Now what animal can I feed?

No, not you! Shoo!  Helppp!!

Help me, Papa!

JE fed lots of animals...

Feed ostrich

Feed donkey

Feed bird

Feed BIRDS (plural)

Me, I have always liked rabbits.


Last picture is of SE eating a stick of ostrich satay and standing on a real ostrich egg.


Hubby was initially grumbling that we already saw animals during our recent trip to the zoo.  But I think this interactive style was more fun for the kids.


  1. ya this interaction is way more fun and great that they aren't scared to get up so close!! I hope she wasn't eating the ostrich satay in front of the ostrich hahahaha

  2. I really like the way you 'caption' your pics..."feed this, feed that, feed these...". So funny! And SE looks so scared of the goat.

  3. I think this is more fun than just watching the animals from afar. It is good your girls are not afraid to feed the animals. Ha ha the goat wants more to eat and is going after your little girl. We kept rabbits once but they multiplies too fast for us and we gave them away to a friend. Wah! the ostrich egg must have tough shell that it could hold the weight your SE!

  4. I agree that interactive style is more fun for the children. No ostrich rides?

  5. Ai, later she DID carry that stick of satay to the ostrich at the entrance/exit hahaha. Oh well, neither little girl or ostrich would understand the irony so I kept my amusement to myself.

    Magictree, that goat was aggressive in looking for food. I was pretty scared of it myself!

    Nancy, I'm glad JE was happily feeding the animals, she can be quite a scaredy cat. Oh there was a write-up saying the eggs must withstand up to 120kg for the adult bird to sit on.

    Mun, hm there was some advert for rides actually. But when we passed by they were fixing up the carriage so maybe rides were temporarily suspended. I wouldn't have bothered with a carriage ride anyway. On a single ostrich then would be fun.

  6. Looks like they hv improved a lot. We went there few years back. The ostrichs wete not in a good condition.

  7. SK well there some half botak birds with naked backsides. But I read that it's normal for them to shed feathers yearly.