Wednesday, March 23, 2016

First movie!

And I didn't take a single photo...  After we picked up the tickets and walked away for lunch, I realised that I should have taken some.  But oh well, we were going back later.  When it was later, there was a long queue for the popcorn.  After which we queued for the toilet.  After THAT it was already time to go into the cinema.

After the movie, I forgot.

So here's a lousy photoshopped photo.


The movie itself... we all enjoyed it.  :)  JE was rather scared at the dark parts, SE was fine.  We munched on our popcorn and slurped the soft drinks (I had to get them as I wanted the full experience for the kids' very first movie).


  1. Long time I haven't been to a movie. Ohhh I missed the popcorn. Popcorn from outside is never as good as the one at the cinemas.

  2. my kids were scared to enter into the cinema when they were small because of the darkness and loudness in there...they can only enjoy movies in cinema when they are age 7 or 8 onwards.

  3. I hvnt watch this yet. Heard from friends its very good

    1. hahaha baru went and watch yesterday. Like it a lot. Laughing at the SLoth and his driving

  4. Haha yay! What a milestone! Now they will be hankering to go for more movie dates with you I'm sure :) we watched Zootopia over the weekend too and it was pretty good I feel. The sloths were sooooo funny hahaha

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

  5. Wah, you are a good mommy to give your daughters the full experience of popcorns and soft drinks at a movie. Now all 3 of you can go for more movies! :D

    And remember to take lots of photos next time. ;p

  6. The only 'cartoon' movie that we went was 'CARS'.

  7. Nancy, yeah popcorn is part of the package! I'm thinking might as well just buy the popcorn, it's cheaper than those 'gourmet' ones with many flavours.

    Agnes, I'm slightly claustrophobic myself. So seldom go.

    SK, I enjoyed it too!

    Ai, yeah I liked a lot of the characters, including those sloths!

    Mun, haha first time. I'm glad they're not asking to go again soon though - not cheap haha.

    Magictree, well coz yours are boys!