Monday, March 14, 2016

Another slow eater...

Arrgghhh.  I've posted various times on how slow JE is in eating.  Keeping food in her cheek for ages, chewing and chewing for ages without swallowing etc.  And now number two is the same!

Unlike JE who really seemed to be putting in an effort, SE seems to be just naughty.  She can eat and swallow fine if she wants to.  What she wants though is to keep food in the mouth, put her feet on the table, climb up and down the chair, wail when threatened with the removal of a toy or being left behind from an outing (all this actions accompanied by NO movement of the food in the mouth).  Meal-times now take easily one hour.  Photos below are with her one and only stick of satay from the ostrich farm.  Now this shop where we had lunch is quite a distance away from the farm. That stick should have been finished loooong ago.

Eating my satayyy



Yummy! (Note zero reduction of satay remaining on the stick)

Nothing, but NOTHING would make her eat faster.  Trying times indeed.


  1. Some kids are just slow eaters.

  2. If you know she can eat faster than that, by tempting her with a reward if she can finish eating faster, will it work?

  3. I have one picky eater up till today ( 14 years)..don't think I layak to comment anything, though mine is picky not slow.

  4. Nancy, over an hour a meal is stretching it!

    Mun, used to have a reward system for JE but lazy to do the same for SE. I don't buy as many toys these days to be used for rewards. But I guess it would only be fair...

    Magictree, these kids are picky AND slow!

  5. Sigh.. Lil Pumpkin is a bit better now but still slower than what I hope for. Sometimes I do feel bad about hurrying her to eat though. Like must we really be so rushed that she can't take the time to enjoy her food??

  6. Ai true that. Sometimes I see JE gulping down water to wash the food down. Every spoonful of food. Makes eating like taking medicine. :(