Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Teeth wobbly

My big (little) girl...


Her bottom teeth are waggling loose already!  I didn't expect this for another couple of years.  But a check on google shows that milk teeth normally fall out at age 5 or 6, and JE is nearing 6.  Also quite a few of her classmates at kindy already have wobbly teeth.

See? Shaky already

Guess I'd better take a more photos before she starts being 'toothless'!  How fast kids grow.  She is already lisping a bit with the gaps in her teeth.



  1. she has a nice set of baby teeth unlike my girls refused to brush teeth when they were small.

  2. She is growing fast. Very soon she will have a nice set of permanent teeth.

  3. Will you pull out all the wobbly teeth for her?

  4. Both my boys have teeth growing underneath the bottom 2 teeth even before shedding the milk teeth. For the younger one, I took him to the dentist to extract because his was really hard but both have crooked teeth still!

  5. One of my girl's bottom tooth is wobbly too. I'm gonna miss her smile with all her cute little pearly whites!!

  6. Agnes, it's hard to make kids do things they don't want!

    Nancy, hoping no need braces hehe. I went through all that discomfort in my time and still don't have perfectly straight teeth.

    Mun, you want me to faint hahaha.

    Magictree, so need braces?

    Ai, haha we're in the same boat then.