Monday, March 28, 2016

She ain't heavy

My car got rear-ended last week.  Nothing major, but car had to spend 2.5 days at the workshop. Luckily it was the school holidays, so I applied to work from home and camped at my parents' house for 2 nights. My parents have wifi at home and I don't hehe.

The kids were pretty happy to be there.

She ain't heavy, she's my sister

Actually, she is a tad heavy for me

Hmm... heavy also lah

This way is better!

The car's all fixed now and we're all good.  Good thing my parents could put us up.  I was glad to be able to go home finally though, and not have to sleep with someone who turns around the whole night.  And yep, her feet are poking right where my head was!

ZZzzzzz... what's the problem?


  1. Good to know that it is nothing major. It is fun seeing the 2 girls enjoying themselves.

  2. Glad to hear that everything is ok now. Oh, I thought you only stayed at your parents' place during the day but later on I realized that all three of you slept over for a few nights too. So nice to see JE and SE playing together.

  3. great sisters my 2 daughters, but they can't carry each other like that anymore, they sing along most of the time.

  4. Photos like this are priceless!!! Glad to know nothing serious happened to your car. I get very sakit hati each time, I see new scratches on my car. I always park nicely and yet I get scratches ever so often. Sigh....

  5. it must have been like a "staycation" for them to get out of the house and stayover somewhere else a few nights :P

  6. Nancy, it was such a minor bump really. But caused a lot of inconvenience.

    Mun, no car = no legs. :) If I had wanted to go home to sleep, my hubby would have to come all the way from up north to pick us up. Then send us back south the next day.

    Agnes, they fight, they play and yeah, they bond!

    Magictree, if you don't knock people, people knock you sigh. And you can't be painting each time a scratch comes as the next scratch may come all too soon.

    Ai, hehe yeah FREE staycation!