Sunday, March 6, 2016

My birthday 2016 in Port Dickson

Celebrated my birthday with a trip to Port Dickson!  No cake though... didn't want it to melt on the way.  I didn't see any promising bakeries in PD.  By the time saw decent cake for sale it was already night and I was too full to want cake.  I might just get a cake for hubby's birthday and 'share' it heh.

Back to PD... JE had been requesting to go for a while, so finally there we went.

Can't believe I'm in PD!

It's always nice to be at the beach.

Now can you be a good girl? Sure, mummy! (Hehe sure)

The girls messed about with sand...

Rarrhh... I'm a sand monster!

Cover me with sand!

We must fill up this leaf with sand from our tiny spoons

We went to Glory Beach resort again.  Decent price, decent location, has a beach, has a pool, has a playground, is an apartment... ok, pass.  This is already our 3rd time in this place.  This time, unlike the previous times at a privately-owned unit (unit was not available), booking was under the resort itself.  More expensive at about RM600 for 2 nights but at least breakfast was included.

Take a picture of me with this turtle!

Love the pool

Discovered that PD does have good, cheap seafood.  :)  There's a new shop nearby - Hao Kee - that we enjoyed.  Don't be fooled by this happy picture of SE... the kiddos didn't much like the time spent eating!  They wanted to be playing all the time.

SMILE! Now can I go and play?

To be continued...


  1. Good to see your girls having fun with the sand! Here's wishing you a Happy Birthday! Can see you had a good time celebrating it with a resort stay with your family even though you decided not to have a cake since it was late and you were full. :)

  2. I can't remember when was the last time we ever had cakes for birthday. I am terribly lousy with traditions. We just go for a good meal whenever one's birthday crops up.

    By the way, 'Blessed Belated Birthday!'. old edi?

  3. They have got all the energy to play at this age..they will tend to settle a bit when they are 9 years old.

  4. Aww nice family fun! Happy belated birthday!!

  5. Mun, thanks! Hubby thought that since I was already taking the day off and since I wanted to go holiday somewhere, might as well combine the two (sneaky!).

    Magictree, I stopped having cakes after a certain age. Tradition restarted due to the kids. Haha too old! Past 40 the signs are unmistakeable haizzz.

    Agnes, ok I wait. :)

    Ai, thanks. :)