Sunday, July 18, 2010

First holiday: Night-time

Rise and shine! Wonder if everyone slept well

Day-time went well, but NOT night time. Jo Ern just wailed and wailed! When hubby came back from the casino and heard the wailing upon stepping out of the lift, he thought it couldn't be his baby girl. Cannot be her, cannot be that loud, cannot be... until he opened the room door and it obviously WAS. Haha.
Jo Ern is normally very good at night. She began sleeping longer and longer periods at night right in her first month, and by 2 months was only waking up at 6am (with a bedtime of 11pm). She then regressed a bit but it's still only ONCE a night, around 4am. I'm perfectly happy with that.
So that night I fed her quite a few times, carried her and walked around the room, cradled her close etc. She would drift off to sleep then wake up and cry and fuss. What a tiring night for everyone! Finally morning arrived and I just had to take a photo of her:
1. Head squooshed against the pillow from all the kicking during the fussing sessions
2. Booties flung far off left and right from the thrashing around
3. Face? COMPLETELY innocent-looking. The only tell-tale sign of the restless night was a small bleeding scratch above her eye. Somehow inflicted even with mittens on.

Good morning! How are you doing?

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