Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Something in my mouth, something on my head... YES that's it

I was wondering at this strange pose when it surfaced and then often repeated. The hand on the head would be moving while the one in the mouth would be sucked. Finally it struck me. She must be simulating her milk-milk time! While feeding her, I always 'sayang' her head with my free hand. Having a nipple in the mouth and one hand stroking her hair must be her idea of bliss! Hehe. I'm quite happy that she simulates this particular activity to comfort herself - Mummy succeeded in making her feel good. :)
Since she learnt to self-soothe, she is crying a lot less. It used to be 'waa waaa Waaah WAAHH WAAAAAHH' that increases in volume until she is picked up or she gets tired and falls asleep. Now it's 'waahh waahh.........*silence*... *suck suck suck*.

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  1. I think she's a smart little baby for being able to self-soothe herself so well! Esp the stroke head part :)