Sunday, January 29, 2012

CNY 2012

CNY for me started with preparing the reunion dinner for 10 big people and 1 little one.  Food turned out ok, phew!  Fish turned out good and there were compliments for the prawn+mince combo and ginger-scallion sauce.

Menu for future reference:

1. Steamed tau-tai fish in soy sauce (fish cost a bomb! forgot to take pic)
2. Roast chinese-style chicken with ginger-scallion dip
3. Prawns wrapped with minced pork
4. Stirfried assorted veg with meatballs
5. Roast pork
6. Lotus root-pork ribs soup, done by hubby
7. Lap mei farn, contributed by guest
8. Steamed big prawns, contributed by guest
9. Home-fried prawn crackers as an additional snack

Prawns with mince, roast chicken, lap mei farn, veg with meatballs

I was tired upon sitting down to dinner.  Hubby too, actually.  He was busy cleaning the house earlier.  Guess we're just too 'kancheong' as hosts! I noticed that my SIL can prepare food to sit down to, with more later to accompany alcohol (hubby's family are big drinkers) and she's still fine to chat and enjoy the session.  

Hubby was suggesting taking away a 'poon choy' instead of cooking.  Maybe next year when there are more little ones around, heh.

Some pictures of Jo Ern in CNY clothes... there is still one more outfit that I can't seem to find any time for!

Wear nice-nice and eat sweet. Hair wet coz just pom-pom
Wear nice-nice and play with tongue

Wear nice-nice and play with cigar

Err and no, she can't wear nice-nice and just STAND nice-nice for photos!


  1. I am super impressed!
    I've never prepared a sit-down dinner for 10 b4. Did you roast the chic yourself?

  2. good food... i'm drooling at the prawns.. when do we get to try some? there's roast pork, u roast yourself or u buy?

  3. the food looks excellent! and so do jo ern's outfits, especially the first one.

  4. All her dresses are so pretty! Dinner was at my place too but I only prepared the yusheng, soup and noodles.

    Mum prepared peng cai and we bought suckling pig so not that bad haha... you had to prepare so many no wonder you were tired! enjoy the rest of your CNY :)

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

  5. Y, yep roasted the chicken myself.

    Cat, heh those prawns were a last-minute addition. Ya hor, can be an item for our next potluck! Roast pork bought one... recipes all say pork will make oven super-oily, so not inclined to try making myself.

    MC, I was a bit too tired to really enjoy the food tho!

    Ai, if my mum were cooking I'd hardly be doing anything! Dinner is for hubby's side and I'm the main cook.