Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Pom-pom outside

I left the office early last Friday since the system was down.  Went over to my parents' place where I found Jo Ern happily sitting in the 'pool' with Justin and Elyssa.  Really wished I'd brought my camera!

Taking the cue, I filled her inflatable turtle with water last weekend. She loved it! (Added more water after these pics were taken) 

Kakak! More balls!

Hehe a pear sneaked in! Hello pear!

The only problem was getting her OUT!  She absolutely refused, kicked and screamed all the way back inside, screamed while being changed and for quite some time after.  Then she kept pointing outside to where the things were drying and saying 'ball'.  I know one tip is to agree with the kid first that she needs to stop when told to etc, but Jo Ern is still too young to understand.  Guess I will just have to expect THIS for now!

Noo! Nooooo!

Next day she pointed outside and asked to 'pom-pom'.  Heh.


  1. having a swim in the pool is perfect for these past few HOT days.

    Happy 2012 to you!

  2. Can bring her to a real pool for swims in the weekend..

  3. HAha.... ally also had a swim in her mini pool a few days ago. My main concern was the same thing that happened to JO Ern. So, I told hubby to handle it and i went to cook. HOpe her tantrum din last long...

  4. MC, oh yeah has definitely been HOT. Probably will continue till CNY.

    Rachel, using the inflatable pool is easier than driving to the real pool! Having said that, I've been paying club fees for 2 years without stepping foot in the club...

    Leona, yeah just read your blog!