Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Walking in other shoes

Jo Ern loves to drink water from other people's containers. People at my parents' place, both big and small, use water-bottles.  Jo Ern knows exactly which ones belong to whom and will frequently bring the correct bottle to its owner.  Just as frequently she will open the bottle and drink from it herself.

She also loves to wear shoes belonging to other people.  Here are some photos of this hobby...

Do you like my outfit?
(dress, pants retained from CNY outfit in case of mosquitos and not-her-sneakers)

Just whistle while you work...

Rest a while then walk some more

Which pair will suit me better?

Wait wait, I put on some more shoes first

The funny thing is, she has no problem walking in the shoes whatever the style or size.  Even while wearing BOTH her own and not-her-own shoes at the same time!

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