Wednesday, January 4, 2012

An eventful morning

Just had to blog about this morning.  Left Jo Ern asleep in the bedroom while we had breakfast downstairs.  Our main concern was the dog who hadn't poopoo-ed for 5 days now.  Hubby decided to try the enema again and headed for the bedroom first... only to find Jo Ern had woken up and somehow locked the door from the inside!  We didn't even know she could REACH the lock!  And it's a not-easy-to-turn type, not the usual press-the-knob type.  Our keys were inside, as were the phones etc. 

Hubby tried to drill open the lock.  But it was the heavy-duty type (trust hubby to be kiasu in these things, heh) and the drill bit wasn't good enough.  Luckily my spare car key is kept downstairs and hubby could drive out to buy more tools.  In the meantime, tried to get Jo Ern to unlock it, but as expected she didn't know what we wanted her to do. She kept calling out "Mummy! Mummyyy! Pao-pao!'', "Kakak, kakaaak! Open!", Papa! Papaaaaa!" then started crying when nobody came to her.  Oh, my poor baby!

Hubby came back with serious tools and worked on the lock.  Metal shards flew everywhere.  But even after breaking apart the outside parts completely, the bolt remained stubbornly in the door frame!  Poor hubby was drenched in sweat, grappling with various tools as Jo Ern bawled away inside.  I was also worried she would get hurt by a flying piece of metal.

Finally, hubby did it.  We rushed in.  Found Jo Ern had gone to her bed to cry!  Well it was better that she wasn't at the door.  Quickly hugged and manja-ed her and soon she was fine.  The little one spent a good half hour in there calling and crying.

My sweaty hero and my rescued baby (who is eating something)

OK now back to the problem of the dog... haha.  Shadow is a huge German Shepherd and it isn't easy inserting enemas, getting medicine into him or even transporting him to to the vet.  Hubby gets to do all that while I thankfully take myself off to the office.  Phew.

Now can somebody attend to me please


  1. and we were all wondering how come jo ern not there at 10.30am this morning.. poor girl.. i was locked up in the bedroom once, lock spoilt. i was pregnant with jensen at that time, woke up early morning feeling very hungry and found myself unable to get out of the room. BH have to break the lock too and almost send food up thru the window, with a ladder. I was about to cry too, can only imagine poor jo ern.

    and i didn't know tat enema thing works for dog too... shadow needs more fiber... hahaha, poor dog..

  2. Luckily Jo ern din cry until blue in the face...or panicked! Good girl that she at least went to the bed and cry...Must be quite terrifying for u at that moment...

  3. A similar incident happened just a day we started work on 3rd. But thank God P was not in the room. However the windows were open n fan on. First I tried looking for the keys. I "die-sected" the entire study room but couldn find, then tried the the end, the next day paid rm110 to the locksmith...

    Jo Ern was very brave. I will be panic mad especially if she stood near the door while the drilling was going on!!!!

  4. Cat, turns out Shadow had a bunch of bones stuck near the butt. Cost RM700 to Xray and flush out!! Constipation can't be THAT bad.. heh.

    Leona, paed told me last time a baby can be left to cry for half an hour without harm. I kept repeating that to myself at the time...

    Rachel, I think she was scared by the loud drilling noise, that's why she went back to the bed. Which was a very good thing in this case!

  5. that has happened to us before too. Keira locked in the room and keys inside that room. luckily it was a downstairs room, and there was a window open, so we made a long stick and hooked the keys out.