Tuesday, March 13, 2012


Read book!

Jo Ern loves books.  Way before she could walk or talk, my mum would say "Jo Ern bring that book here, Ah Mah read to you" and she would crawl over pushing the book. Once, she woke up real early, sat up in bed and grabbed a book. Then there she sat there half-asleep in the semi-dark with the book open in front of her. Luckily she agreed to return to sleep when I told her, "it's too dark to read, oi-oi some more ok?" Heh.

Before we turn off the lights at night, she will request to 'read book!' first.  And when she has her meals, she must have either a book or a toy in front of her.  You can't randomly give her one either, she will choose.  :)  And often halfway through, the book needs to be changed.

Eat must read book

The good thing is she almost always accepts offers to read books.  Even when she's in a bad mood, screaming for the iPad or showing some temper... ask her 'want to read book?' and the answer will be 'read book'!  Hehe... this trait is from me.  Hubby will always pick the TV over a book.

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  1. PErhaps u can consider starting her on flash cards. buy those index cards n write words on it. flash it to her everyday . she may like it.