Monday, March 5, 2012

Jo Ern goes shopping

Yesterday was my birthday and we loitered at Cold Storage. :)  I seriously prefer being at a supermarket than shopping for clothing/shoes/accessories etc!  Well hubby also took me for a good breakfast, lunch, dinner and supper so I have nothing to complain about. Also had dinner with my whole family on Saturday.

Back to Cold Storage. Halfway round, Jo Ern saw a shopping basket on the floor.  She placed the ball and balloon she was holding into that basket. To my amusement she started to drag the basket along by one handle.  She then stopped at random places along the aisles, taking down items for a closer look and either putting it into her basket or back onto the shelf.  Like she was doing shopping for real!  Photos would have looked better if I'd left all her chosen items in the basket... but good citizen that I was, I wanted to put stuff back on the correct shelf.  :)

Now shall I get this brand of 'bak kut teh'?

Definitely need a loaf of bread

When she got to some strawberry Hello Panda biscuits, she muttered "More! More!" and piled loads of boxes into her basket.  I was laughing away so hard.  I haven't given her any Hello Panda to eat yet so probably she just liked the packaging.

Let's see... what else to buy?

We went to Daiso after that and when next thing I knew, she was walking around with a box of clingfilm under her armpit.  I removed that and next, she had a box of sauce bottles cradled in the crook of her arm.  These items were obviously selected for size rather than nature!  Aiyo this little one. She's good at observing and copying what people do.

JE @ 1y11m


  1. Shopping seems natural for her...hehehe

  2. oh is it your birthday!? Happy Birthday with a sweet family celebration!! :)

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

  3. happy birthday to you dear sweety.... thnak u for posting..

  4. Hey Stacy! Hapi belated year younger eh???
    I am exactly like you. Wherever i go, i rather go and chk out the supermarkets and pharmacies than the clothing stores.

  5. Rachel, I'm ok as long as she sticks to grocery shopping like me! This is the first time she's on the loose... normally sit in stroller or shopping trolley.

    All, thanks for the bday wishes! Another year younger indeed. :)