Thursday, March 8, 2012

More verbal already

Chit Papa eat big pawn

She's stringing words together now.  Used to be single-syllable:
Bit - rabbit
Purh - octopus

Then more:
Abbit - rabbit
Oppersh - octopus

Double words:
Appa chim - diaper cream
Drink ah-ter - drink water
Ah kout chert - take out shirt
Papa, no!

More words:
I want chee - I want to see
Chit Papa chair - sit on Papa's chair
Wear Mummy chock - wear Mummy's socks
Papa terb Ern - Papa is disturbing me!
Papa go way! - Papa go away!

And more now:
Papa terb Ern eat rice - complaining when hubby annoys her during meals
Mummy pao-pao Ern chee Papa - Mummy, carry me up to the window so I can see if Papa is back

She sings too:
Apparrr.. to yooooo....Ah Kong - happy birthday Ah Kong (clap clap)
Apparrr... to yoooo... Mummy - happy birthday to Mummy (blow blow, clap clap)

Hahaha... that's about the only song she can 'sing', but it takes her a while to cycle through all the family members!  Song and actions picked up during sing-along sessions with my mum.  :-)

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  1. hehehe, you got the baby talk down just right. i can just imagine her saying the words. so cute:)