Thursday, March 1, 2012

Little girl

Funny how thinking of Jo Ern lifts up my mood.  I go through life at the office focused on colleagues/clients, work demands and deadlines, moving from consulting office to project room to boardroom to user departments. Then at some random point, I'd suddenly remember I have this little daughter and immediately, I am happy.

Tadpole-shaped eyes (like mine, but luckily bigger hehe) and rosebud mouth... this is MY little girl!

Who, although my cutie pie, err... sometimes demands extra attention
Don't like.... Waaaaaaa!!

I kinda like how she just lets loose. No holding back, heh.

No little girls were harmed in the making of this post... no matter how pitiful this one looks.  :)  If I remember correctly, she wanted to look at pictures in the camera instead of taking new ones.  Bawling is her weapon of choice if she doesn't get what she wants!


  1. oh i seldom hear this one cry, but i finally heard it the other day and yeah, this little one can get really loud. suprised me... and mama have been complaining she cries a lot lately.. hahaha...probably follow jensen, which have been a cry baby and a drama king all this while..

  2. yeah, how wonderful to have a little one to go back home too and to cheer you up at work:)

  3. Yeah, seldom see her cry till lately.

    Papa looks amused in the background. Probably thinking why the mummy keep snapping photos while daughter crying away. he he.

  4. Cat and Y, oh she's definitely crying more these days. It used to be only when fighting for something with the others, falling down or some good reason. Now it's every time she doesn't get what she wants!

    MC, hear hear! :)

  5. She will get over it. No need to sum tung!!