Monday, August 15, 2016

At the playground yesterday

Took the kids to the playground yesterday.  As usual, they 'cooked' by throwing things into the broken-off posts of this piece of equipment and stirring the contents with a stick.

JE: I'm making grass flower soup
Me: Mmm sounds nice!

Me: Harr??
SE: I'm the evil queen
Me: Ohh ok

SE: Nah, eat this
Me: Err I don't feel like eating apple today

SE: OK I give you pancake
Me: Ahmm. Yummy!
SE: Actually, it's POISON PANCAKE
Me: Harr?? Argggh... die

SE: Mirror mirror on the wall, who's the fairest of them all?
SE as Mirror: You are, my queen


Haha this little one.  When the big one was cooking nice things, she had to be the evil queen and poison me as Snow White!


  1. Pure happiness from within. Can see from their faces. Lovely photos of beautiful memories.

  2. Ahhh... just gotta treasure the carefree days! They pass by so fast, right??

  3. I love her pose la. Cute with the skirt :)

    btw...there will b a plant exchange this saturday at BJ. if you are free do drop by. I dont hv your FB so cant tag you

  4. Ha ha...they are enjoying themselves and mummy have to play along with them. Very soon, they will grow up too quickly!

  5. Mun, tq!

    Ai, worth dragging myself out of the house hehe.

    SK, argh not fated to go this time.

    Nancy, actually... I brought my iPad along and only played with them once I ran out of 'lives' in the game hehe.

    Magictree, ya! She did a victory lap round too after the mirror proclaimed her as the fairest.