Thursday, August 4, 2016

'S'-es are coming

SE can pronounce 'S' now.  It used to be omitted all together, or substituted with an exaggerated 'H' sound.  Thought I'd just note down what she used to say.

To describe herself:  Fayh ih round like beeh-cuit (Face is round like a biscuit)  *accompanied with a hand action circling her own face*

Asked what she wanted to eat:  Mok cheeh (Smoked cheese)

Playing with food toys: Feeh firhh then lobter (Fish first then lobster)

Scratching herself: Quaak quaak quaak (Scratch scratch scratch)

Commenting on my dad's new installed mosquito netting: The moh-kito will queeh-queeh in (The mosquito will squeeze-squeeze in)

Although she can now pronounce the 'S', sometimes she's lazy or just used to pronouncing words that way.  And for some words, only now we realise she is pronouncing wrongly.

Me:  Tesco
SE:  Teh-cos
Me:  Tesco
SE:  Tehh-COS

Haha... never knew it could be wrong coz she just used to say 'Teh-co'.

I'm schwimming, don't deeh-terb


  1. Very entertaining post, Stacy. Very soon she will be able to pronounce her 'S' properly and in no time she will start to correct you too! Lol!

  2. Very true what Nancy says above. SE is good with her words, she can describe the shape of her face.

  3. Awww...will miss the lack of "S" sound moments. I find them so cute when they couldn't pronounced properly...but of course eventually must progress and get it right.

  4. Nancy, it seems to be taking a while!

    Mun, I was laughing at her description of her face.

    Magictree, ya lor. Should take videos but that generally doesn't work as the kid will be miles away by the time I dig out my device.

  5. So nice to watch her grow and develop! :)

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka