Thursday, August 25, 2016

SE calling Papa

Hubby's F&B venture is going all right after 2 years.  He works nights so we often call him before going to bed.  SE will have her turn...

SE: Papa... can you come back?
Hubby: Come back soon
SE: Soon ih too late!


Another night:
SE: Papa can you come back?
Hubby: Soon
SE: Papa... I want you go inside your car. And drive drive so fah (fast). Becoh, I am going to thleep already.

I keep Papa's drink safe for him

She is closer to hubby now that she spends the whole morning with him after I take JE to school and go off to work. (Plus of course hubby has an endless supply of junk/snack food and keeps giving them out to the kids hehe).

Another night:
Hubby: Tomorrow Papa want to watch TV. Don't disturb Papa ok?
SE: I want Papa to watch Papa('s) Cinderella show

Hubby where got Cinderella show one... hahaha.  She just wanted to watch it herself but used his name.


  1. SE misses her papa when he works nights. These days, kids are very smart! Lol!

  2. SE is so smart. She sure loves her papa a lot!

  3. Wah, I can imagine her daddy 'fly' back immediately after getting calls from her like that.

  4. Nancy, but when he's back early and watches TV, she will be there watching and not sleeping!

    Mun, haha to think that when they were younger, both girls didn't like Papa much.

    Magictree, well he does work pretty far away so 'fly' also won't get back before she sleeps!