Thursday, August 11, 2016

That one, THAT one!

So SE walked up to a whole display of brochures in a mall.

I want THAT one

Mummy, take THAT one for me

I can't reach it by myself, I'm still little

I want THAT one, THAT one!

Take it DOWN for me!

Kakak!! Mummy is so naughty!

Well there were plenty of brochures within her reach so why must she have that particular one?? Hehehe.  Ok ok I confess, sometimes I provoke her just to amuse myself... naughty mummy indeed. 


  1. Hahahaha, naughty mommy indeed. So in the end, you still did not take that one brochure for her?

  2. Ha ha you admit you are naughty mommy! Mommy, wait till I grow up...hahaha!

  3. I always wonder where do kids learn to fold their arms when they are angry!

  4. Mun, NOPE! Finally the maid got it down for her heh.

    Nancy, I must bully her while she's small, otherwise where got chance later??

    Magictree, I will be laughing away while she gets herself all worked up!

  5. hahaha/....aim for the sky mah...i like her attitude

  6. SK, more like aim for something that will trouble other people! Hahaha.