Sunday, September 10, 2017

Mall activity - Pirates

Sometimes we catch activities at the mall.  This was one they particularly enjoyed. 

First up, the ball pit.  JE was excitedly telling me she's always wanted to go for this.

Found the flag! Here you go

Can u spot me?

Another portion was dressing up as pirates.

And now the scarf...

JE is happy, now for SE

This is so ug-ger-ly!

 SE is such a fussypot.  Luckily there was another costume in her size, sort of.

We are pirates!

Kids kept clamouring to go back again another day.  (Of course I said no)  The people staffing this event were young and good-looking, but looked bored and disinterested in the whole affair gosh.


  1. SE and JE must have enjoyed dressing up as pirates to want to go back on another day. What products are the events promoting or do you need to pay for children to particiate in the activities?

    1. Erm * think think* just an event by The Curve. I don't remember any products.

  2. The 2nd costume is better and matches with JE's!

    1. Ya looks like they used the same bale of cloth hehe.

  3. haha my girl would have loved the activities too! Were they free?

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

    1. Free yes. I was checking to see if need to buy something first heh. Coz it could be something I'd never use...